Homeopathy for Cat Owners Coaching Team

Shelly Garrison

Certified Classical Homeopath

A certified classical homeopath based in California, specialising in shingles and homeoprophylaxis for infectious disease.

Jagoda Salewska

Licensed Homeopath

A licensed homeopath based in Bali. I support patients in the transformational process to regain their balanced health. I have a special interest in treating different types of infections, allergies, eczema and teeth problems.

Amal Mamoun

Licensed Homeopath

A licensed homeopath based in Berkshire UK, trained in both classical & practical homeopathy with special interest in children’s behavioural & emotional disorders and woman’s hormonal health.

Glenis Paulette

Experienced Classical Homeopath

I am an experienced classical homeopath living in New Zealand with special interest in treating babies, as well as children with special needs.

Dr. Varsha M. Khurana

Medically Trained Homeopath, Classically Trained Along with Applied Mind Method

A classical homeopath living in Nottinghamshire, UK with special interest in digestive health and young people’s emotional health.

Alexandra Noble

Professional Licensed Classical Homeopath

A professional licensed classical homeopath based in the U.K & working worldwide, with special interest in treating Women’s digestive and reproductive health.

What Our Clients Say

Quick, Easy, Cured

“My symptoms before treatment were fever, chills, extreme back pain, headache and painful lymph. After getting the first dose of the remedy my chills and back pain went away within 30 mins. By 24 hours I felt like a different person. By 48 hours I was 100% back to normal.”

Our team of professional homeopaths are available for homeopathic treatment now.