The Animal Owner’s Coaching Team

In the UK only a vet or its owner may legally treat an animal with homeopathy.

Our homeopaths can only coach animal owners on the principles of homeopathy. They will not be allowed to treat individual animals. They can help you learn more about how to use homeopathy to keep your own animals healthy.

In Australasia, registered homeopaths are allowed to treat animals.

Our Homeopathy247 coaching courses, are designed to help animal owners learn more about homeopathy and how it can be used for their animals as well as their family. It is designed to educate and empower animal owners to take a more holistic approach to their pets’ health.

Animal owners can treat their own animals.

Using homeopathy to improve the health of your animals is one way to help avoid illness. Ensuring your animals are fit and healthy as they can be is the first step to good animal husbandry.

Homeopathy does not take the place of accident and emergency procedures, nor does it take the place of your vet. Homeopathy can be used alongside mainstream medicine.

When You Get Stuck, Speak with a Homeopath!

What Our Clients Say

“I reached out to Homeopathy247 because my five-yr-old son had a cough that had been hanging on for two weeks. The homeopath on duty booked a video consultation immediately, sent a remedy and dosing recommendation shortly thereafter, and my son’s cough was resolved within three days.

If I had to sum up my experience using Homeopathy247, I would say it was reassuring, comforting, and caring, and I would recommend this service to my friends.”

Christine G.

Our team of professional homeopaths are available for homeopathic treatment now.