working Together


We look forward to being able to work together to provide a better, all round support service for you and your clients.

3 Ways for us to Work Together Right Now 

1.  Put a link in your emails to for ‘out of hours’ support
24/7 global acute appointments with certified homeopaths out of hours.”

To add a link to ‘words’ in your email 
Highlight the word … press Control and K  … add the link.

If you want to add a button in your email you need to copy and past the image into your signature.

2.  Put a button on your webpage offering ‘out of hours’ support.
See the range of buttons here or make your own.

Right click the button on this page.
Save as …. to your computer.
Upload onto your website.

If you use WordPress or Wix you can easily add a link to your image.

You can try:
Highlight the image … press command and K to add the link.

3.  Tell 5 more homeopaths about our service and help homeopathy grow throughout the world. This costs you nothing and we welcome your involvement. 

Please share the link to our website with everyone you know.