Celebrating Christmas with amazing offers everyday starting 26th December 2022 to 6th January 2023.

On the 12th Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

10% off on our Homeopathy at Home Kit 3

For our final Christmas offer, we are giving you 10% OFF on Homeopathy at Home Kit 3. No home should be without a homeopathic remedy kit, order yours today!

This offer ends on the 31st of January 2023

On the 11th Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

20% off on 4-Monthly Fertility Programme

with Dr. Varsha M. Khurana

This fertility program is for you if:

🤰🏻You have tried everything in order to conceive and yet have been disappointed

🤰🏻 You have taken all the supplementation advised to you with no results

On the 11th Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

Save $45 on Christmas Pregnancy Package

with Kirsty Richards

Kirsty Richards’ Mom’s and Bub’s Package gives you 3 Mother/ Baby Acute consultations. The consultations can be used either for yourself or for the baby and are suitable for any short-term issue that may arise during your pregnancy or post-birth.It includes 48 hours of email follow-up.

On the 10th Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

Get the Revive: A Homeopathic Novel Kindle Edition by Sunita Venchard for only $0.99

Immerse yourself in this first of a kind, epic quest, with twists and turns. Journey with Sheysu as she is pulled into a maze of emotions and deadly battles across hostile kingdoms, to find a cure for her dying sister. Learn about homeopathy and remedies as the characters and kingdoms bring them to life in a way that is unforgettable. If you love homeopathy, you’ll love reading this.

Offer ends 11th January 2023.

On the 9th Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

50% off on our Homeopathy Course for Dog Owners and 10% off on our Homeopathy for Dogs Kit

Are you using homeopathy for your dogs?

Do you find you often need a little help in deciding which remedy your dog needs right now?

Help is at hand with our Homeopathic Course for Dog Owners and Homeopathy for Dogs Kit.

Use the code when you enroll to the course: FURCHRISTMAS

On the 8th Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

20% off a Foundation Human Design Reading

with Stephanie Thullen

The Foundation Human Design reading will introduce you to the fundamental and most important parts of your Human Design: your energy type, which is how your innate energy works and how you can use it optimally; your profile, which is how you best learn and share your wisdom with others; and your strategy and authority, which is your inner truth and how you best make decisions in life and interact with others and the environment. Stephanie will also briefly explain you defined and undefined centers, which gives you awareness of your superpowers and potential for wisdom, as well as where you could issues of conditioning and struggles in life.

Use the code: H247XMAS

On the 7th Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

70% off on our Stress Less and Improve Your Sleep Courses

Does stress or anxiety get in the way of your life?

Do you want to do something to change this pattern?

Do you want to learn some easy things to incorporate into your life so you can enjoy a better one?

If your answer to these questions are “Yes!”, then this offer is for you!


Click the link below to enroll to these courses!

On the 6th Day of Christmas

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25% off on your First Full Consultation

with Ciara Corcoran

Get 25% off when you book your first full consultation with Ciara Corcoran. This offer ends January 31st 2023. Click below to book a consultation now.

On the 5th Day of Christmas

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50% off Bio Resonance Scan for New Patients

with Dr. Anthony de Pontes

Dr. Anthony De Pontes’ Bioresonance Hair Analysis can be done using hair and/ or surrogate testing using a digital photograph with autonomic response testing.
USE this code when you book  ….   bio50

On the 4th Day of Christmas

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20% off on Astrology Consultation

with Mark Lambrick

An Astrology Reading can help you have a clearer understanding of the way you live your life.

Whether you have a child struggling with school and relationships, an adult establishing a new career or relationship, or your are finding life hard work right now, astrology helps you understand more about yourself and how you fit into the world around you.

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

50% off on Homeopathy at Home Course

This is a course for anyone who wants to learn with others, interact with other people at the same stage of learning and feel that they can ask questions about prescribing at any time.

Take advantage of this offer and start learning homeopathy now!

Use the code HOMEOPATHYCHRISTMAS when you enroll.

The coupon is applicable on one-time payment only.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas

My homeopath gave to me

30% off on Homeopathy for Newborn Babies Course

with Charlie Ellis-James

Become confident in treating common newborn issues, like Reflux and Vomiting, Colic, Coughs and Colds, Constipation, Fevers, Diaper rash, Cradle cap, Jaundice, and more.

Use Discount Code BABY30 to get 30% off when booked before 10th January 2023.

On the 1st Day of Christmas

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10% off on Homeopathy at Home Kit 200c

Our homeopathic kit 200c has been created in conjunction with our Homeopathy at Home app which gives you access to many remedy suggestions for first-aid prescribing.

Offer ends 31st January 2022

Our team of professional homeopaths are available for homeopathic treatment now.